Received Work Order worth INR 14.62 Cr towards Construction of Gamma Radiation Unit, Amta
  Received Order Worth INR 14.15 Cr for 12 Storied Steel Building Structural Work at Gangtok, Sikkim.
  Received Work Order worth INR 25.90 Cr for Interior & Finishing Work for Mahakaran Metro Station
  Received Order worth INR 14.81 Cr for Construction of 2Towers at Solaris Shalimar
  Received Order worth INR 11.61 Cr for Construction of 3 Towers at Solar City,Srirampur
Turn Over Since Inception

Turn Over Since Inception of Rainbow Infrastructure Pvt Ltd:

2006-2007 Rs.1,45,23,553.53
2007-2008 Rs.5,43,24,902.84
2008-2009 Rs.9,12,43,313.93
2009-2010 Rs.8,95,00,777.00
2010-2011 Rs.16,44,09,279.37
2011-2012 Rs.12,32,09,659.62
2012-2013 Rs.14,02,45,225.94
2013-2014 Rs.11,82,51,502.03
2014-2015 Rs.14,16,12,180.48
2015-2016 Rs.22,47,43,889.92
2016-2017 Rs.23,23,75,344.00
2017-2018 Rs.21,99,43,392.00
2018-2019 Rs.28,03,25,126.21
2019-2020 Rs.28,28,63,991.62