Received Order Worth INR 14.15 Cr for 12 Storied Steel Building Structural Work at Gangtok, Sikkim.
  Received Work Order worth INR 25.90 Cr for Interior & Finishing Work for Mahakaran Metro Station
  Received Order worth INR 14.81 Cr for Construction of 2Towers at Solaris Shalimar
  Received Order worth INR 11.61 Cr for Construction of 3 Towers at Solar City,Srirampur
Quality Policy
100% Customer Satisfaction in terms of Quality & Time schedule.
To ensure that all the activities relating to the project are carried out as per Tender specifications, drawings etc through stage-wise monitoring and the same should be recorded in the inspection sheet.
Quality Policy includes:
(a) Planning and organizing inspection and testing.
(b) Selecting, identifying and calibrating, monitoring the measuring devices.
(c) Ensuring that the materials and their verification status are identified.
(d) Controlling the non-conforming materials.
Supplier should submit the Manufacturer test certificate as per the approved quality plan.
On site Quality is Controlled by Setting Up a Laboratory at Site mainly for RCC Work.