*Completed Project* - G+12: 4 Towers 2.83 Lakh sq.ft (I, J & K) at Solar City, Shreerampur.
   *Upcoming Project* - 4.10 Lakh of sq.ft of Civil Works for Commercial Building in New Kolkata Project at Serampore for ALCOVE REALTY.
   *Upcoming Project* - Supply of Bearing Block & Accessories for Cable Replacement Work of Second Hooghly Bridge Kolkata for FREYSSINET FRANCE
   *Upcoming Project* - Supply of Tank, Hopper, Chutes for 4MTPA Zinc Mineral processing plant & related infrastructure for black mountain minning for ONSHORE  INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS PVT.LTD
   *Upcoming Project* - One Bay 33-6.6 KV, One 12.5 MVA Transformer in existing Switchyard with Synchronous Operation Work for IOCL Haldia
   *Upcoming Project* - Supply & Execution of the fire check door (FCD) and fire-resistant partitions for IOCL-DHAKURIA
   *Upcoming Projects* - Supply of Grillage, Capping Beam, Track Beam, Braxcing walkway & liner pipes for load out Jetty at Shrajganj, Bangladesh
   *Upcoming Project* - Supply Conveyor gallaries structures for material handling system for Ultratech Plant Raipur
   *Upcoming Project* - Sub and Super Structure of existing Cinema Hall Kolkata For Elite Theatre and Investments co pvt ltd
   *Ongoing Project* - Gama Radiation Project at Amta for Tarsons Products Ltd worth of ₹14.60 CR
   *Ongoing Project* - Architechture & Plumbing work at New Mahakaran Metro Station Worth of ₹25.90 CR
   *Ongoing Project* - Construction of 4 Towers (5.23 Lakh sq.ft) worth of ₹24.61 CR for Eden Realty Ventures Pvt.Ltd
   *Ongoing Project* - 14 Storied Commercial Building (3.83 lakh Sq.ft) worth of ₹20.5 CR for Mesaso Infrastructure Ltd.
Safety Policy
Human is the most precious creature of God in this universe. Rainbow Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is committed to protect this precious creature of God by maintaining Safety without any compromise. As Company policy, we always encourage and strongly believe to develop the concept of safety among all our Workmen, Staff and Associates.
Preparation of Site Safety Plan.
Define Broad parameters.
Conformance to Legislations.
Responsibility of Site In charge.
Safety Instructions and Procedures.
Monitoring and Reporting.
Before commencing any work the workmen should be made aware of the potential hazards through pep talks.
Work procedures and Safety precautions are to be explained to them.
Prepare them for being cautious on the associated risks to take adequate precautions.
Site Layout / Emergency Assembly Point / Escape Route
How we can control Safety at site
Emergency Response procedure / telephone No
Company Rule about PPE Issuance
How Accident happen / Definition of Unsafe Act
Accident / Incident & Near Miss Reporting
Disciplinary actions against Violators and Safety Award
Restricted Area / No Smoking/ Heat Stroke & Usage of Mobile
First Aid Clinic / Hospital / Location / Telephone No
Company Rule about PPE Issuance
Site Layout/Emergency/Assembly Point/Escape Route
Prior to work in Any Work site, it is mandatory to get physically understand the site Layout as this will help in safe exit route while any accident / Fire took place. In case of Fire and or any accident it is a common phenomena that due to indiscipline / unawareness about escape route frequent incidence of human stampede, delayed escape, cause increase in fatality taken place.
How We Can Control Safety at Project Site
By Developing Awareness among workmen on the needs of safety practice.
By conducting Safety Awareness Programme at site periodically
By making them to understand the benefit of implementation of Safety into their day to day work.
Emergency Response Procedure/Telephone No
To make everyone understand the operation of emergency alarm system like Breaking of Fire Alarm Glass in case of Plant Fire
By display of Emergency Telephone No to Draw the attention of Plant Control Room / Plant Manager Room / Safety Officer
By showing them the Location of Medical Centre / First Aid Centre.
Company Rule About PPE Issuing
Depending upon the Various Nature of Plant, Type of PPE Requirement varies.
According to the requirement, required PPE needs to be implemented.

Example : In case of Health Hazard area, usage of Mask is mandatory wherein for work in height in open area too the requirement of Safety Belt is mandatory

How Accident Happens/Definition of Unsafe Act
Accident out of Design Failure, Natural Calamity may not be controlled by worker / supervisor. However, in our day to day work many Do’s and Don’t Do’s needs to be followed.
Prior to work in height the Scaffolding Location, It’s Strength, Usage of proper Scaffolding material, Earthing continuity, Buried Wire Connection, Fixing of Safety Belt Hook in Permanent Structure etc needs to be checked.
For any Kind of Hot work Plant Inside, Hot Work Permit needs to be obtained and intimation to all concern department on this work continuation to be circulated to facilitate sufficient precaution. Many times it is observed due to non awareness of continuation of certain work fatal accident can taken place.
Accident/Incident/Near Miss Reporting
Accident / Incident / Near Miss need to be recorded.
This record used to help to understand the Safety Practice implementation.
Similarly, it also used to help to find out the Root Cause and a permanent solution in case of similar accident.
Disciplinary Action Against Violators And Safety Award
Many times it is observed that due to casual human approach and mindset, violation of safety requirement used to took place.
For stoppage of such kind of casual Practice many times it is observed, that imposition of Penalty can restrict repetition of such un safe act.
Similarly to encourage / motivate disciplined person, implementation of Monthly Safety award may improve upon the Safety Standard
First Aid Clinic/Hospital Location And Telephone No
For Immediate care of Injury First Aid Clinic / Hospital Location to the nearby area of Plant to be displayed.
For Emergency Purpose Vehicle to be kept round the clock available at work site.
For emergency purpose, Telephone No of nearby Hospital and First Aid Centre to be displayed