• EHV Cable Laying Projects

    220-KV- Double Circuit, 16.5 KM Cable Laying for APTRANSCO at Hydrabad.

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  • CIVIL Projects

    Extension of 12th & 13th Floor at T-5, for Wipro Ltd at Saltlake, Kolkata.

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  • Industrial Projects

    Civil & Structural work for New Dryer Unit for ARCL Organics Ltd at Rampur, Kolkata.

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  • Bridge & FOB Projects

    50 M Span FOB for Ashoka Buildcon Ltd & NH4I at NH-6, Kona.

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  • Structural Projects

    Louver & Atriums at “Finance Centre cum Mother’s Wax Museum” for Shrachi Group at Rajarhat, Kolkata

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Sl. No. Job Description Name of Client Value Remarks Location
1 Supply of Condensate Storage Tank for Shree Cement Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd 10.27 Under Progress Kolkata
2 Supply,fabrication and erection of Sky Bridge (10 Nos),balcony/stair railing, duct/plumbing shaft enclosures,Ampitheatre,Vent, Bar-b-q,V Grill,Sky Bridge,A.C.Ledge for 8 towers at Elita Gardenvista MT) Sureka Properties Pvt Ltd 200 Under Progress Rajarhat
3 Supply, fabrication, erection, painting work for State Bank of India Building, Rajarhat Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Pvt Ltd 204.37 Completed Rajarhat
4 Supply & Erection of Signage structure at 31rst Floor Roof Top Shristi Hotel Pvt Ltd 33.73 Completed Rajarhat
5 Supply & erection of 2 Nos Canopies at 10th Floor at Hotel Complex at Rajarhat Shristi Hotel Pvt Ltd 14.62 Completed Rajarhat
6 Supply & Erection of structure for Scrap Yard Shed, Pipe Rack, Cable Rack at ITC, Pachla TATA Projects Ltd 100 Completed Howrah
7 Design,Engineering,Supply of structures for 3 nos Bridges at North Sikim (210 MT) MGCPL-AKB (JV) 150.15 Completed Sikim
8 Supply of plate Girder ( Gantry) for BB3A at DPCL,Dhamra Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 96.07 Completed Orissa
9 Supply,fabrication and erection of Structures like AC Ledge, ACP supporting frame, Crown for " BIOWONDER" project Pasari Multiprojects Pvt Ltd 125 Completed Kolkata
10 Supplying and erection of prefabricated structural steel member for Sheet Pile support at RP-SG Corporate Office Building Project Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Pvt Ltd 141 Completed Kolkata
11 Design , Engineering, Supply, Erection of spiral stair case job at Maruti Suzuki, Newtown,Rajarhat Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd 11.69 Completed Rajarhat
12 Supply of Jetty Fixtures ( Permanent Strut) at (-) 4.21 M Level for Berth No 3 at Dhamra Port Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 166.82 Completed Orissa
13 Supply of Jetty Fixtures (140 Micron GI Coating) for Dhamra Port Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 30.19 Completed Orissa
14 Supply & Installation of various structures , platforms, GI Net over ramps,False Ceiling supporting structures at Banquet Shristi Infrastructure Development Company Ltd 73 Completed Kolkata
15 Supply of Rail Clips for Dhamra Port Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 17.13 Completed Orissa
16 Supply of Gantry Structure for Dhamra Port project Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 97.65 Completed Orissa
17 Supply of structures, Decksheet, Polycarbonate Sheet for Retail Tower at Rajarhat for Mixed Development Project Shristi Infrastructure Development Company Ltd 1277.63 Under Progress Kolkata
18 Supply,fabrication &erection of various structures for Children Park Area, Stair Railing, Gate, Canopy,Ramp at " PREMASHRAYA" project, Rajarhat TATA Medical Centre Trust 50 Completed Kolkata
19 Supply fabrication & erection of structures for ramp, boundary wall raiing, barrication structures at Hotel premises, Rajarhat Shristi Hotel Pvt Ltd 330 Completed Kolkata
20 Fabrication & Supply of Strural support for Delivery Main at 2nd Tier of Intake Jetty Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 19.68 Completed Kolkata
21 Supply of fabricated plate girders for Bulk Berth 3 at Dhamra Port Simplex Infrastructures Ltd 88.72 Completed Orissa
22 Supply of Walkways Platform Structures for Tamilnadu Paper Voith Paper Technology (India ) Private Ltd 60 Completed Tamilnadu
23 Supply of ESP Top Girders, Bottom Girder, Bracing, Baffle plate lader, Stair Case etc Project A/C KJSA Ador Powertron Ltd 66.09 Completed Barbil
24 Supply of ESP Structures,Casing,Hopper, Roof etc Ador Powertron Ltd 58.75 Completed Barbil
25 Structural Steel Work for Atrium at 31rst & 10th Floor for Sristi Hotel Pvt Ltd, Rajarhat Aluwaliah Contracts (India) Ltd 126 Completed Rajarhat
26 Construction of Foot Over Bridge @ Km 26+383 of NH-06 Ashoka Buildcon Ltd 75 Completed Howrah
27 Supply, fabrication, painting, transprtation & erection of structures in bewteen two towers at hotel complex, Rajarhat, Kolkata Shisti Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd 360.6 Completed Kolkata
28 Structural Steel work on Roof of Block A1, A2, A11, A12 GGL resort, Bengal Ambuja Development Ltd 4.76 Completed Raichak
29 MS Structural work for entrance and Atrium at City Center, Haldia Ambuja Realty Development Limited 18.2 Completed Haldia
30 MS Railing work for Boundary Wall at City Center, Haldia Ambuja Realty Development Limited 3.28 Completed Haldia
31 MS Structural Work & Decking Sheet roofing over Banquet  Hall at City Centre, Haldia Ambuja Realty Development Limited 17.67 Completed Haldia
32 Manufacturing/Fabrication & Supply of Walkways Structures for Paper Industry at Bangalore Voith Paper Technology (India ) Private Ltd 50 Completed Bangalore
33 Supply,Transportation & Erection of 2 No 20 M Span Bridge , 1 No 50 M Span Bridge at North Sikkim for CPWD(226 MT) M.G.Contractors Pvt Ltd 192 Completed Sikkim
34 Fabrication & Erection of Connecting Bridge Work at TCS IT SEZ Project at Rajarhat, Kolkata Larsen & Toubro Ltd- Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd (UJV) 39.2 Completed Kolkata
35 MS Railing work at TCS IT SEZ Project at Rajarhat, Kolkata Larsen & Toubro Ltd- Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd (UJV) 26.24 Completed Kolkata
36 MS Structural work & decking sheet roofing including finishing work over Multiplex (INOX) roof at City Centre, Haldia Ambuja Realty Development Limited 81.26 Completed Haldia
37 MS Railing & Structural  work of CCNT Annex at New Town, Kolkata Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd 7.73 Completed Kolkata
38 Supplying,fabrication ,assembling,hoisting ,erecting and fixing works at ITC, Khidderpore Ahluwaliah Contracts (India) Ltd 6.39 Completed Kolkata
39 Supply, Fabrication & Erection of Structural Steel Works for Supporting & Protecting nets around Gol Driving Range at Tollygunge Cub premises Tollygunge Club Ltd 150 Completed Kolkata
40 Structural Work for Installation of 40 KL Water Storage Tank at Howrah Factory Berger Paints I Ltd 25 Completed Howrah
41 Manufacturing/Fabrication of WEP Auxillaries (Structures & Handrails) Voith Paper Technology (India ) Private Ltd 30 Completed Kolkata
42 Supply,Fabrication and Erection of Structure at Times Of India premises at Sector-V, Salt Lake Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd 187.44 Completed Kolkata
43 Supply Tanks, Girder for Kertledge at TCS, SEZ, Rajarhat L&T-SP JV 30 Completed Kolkata
44 Supply of Structures for MPT, Goa Sandvik Asia Ltd 60 Completed Goa
45 Supply of DH Conv. System, Pkg-II for Bailadila Iron Ore Project, Dep.11B, Kirandul-Fabrication of Steel Structures Sandvik Asia Ltd 130.61 Completed Bailadila
46 Manufacturing,Inspection,Paintingand supply of Fabricated Steel structures for DH Conveyor System Package-II for Bailadila Iron Ore Project, Dep.11B, Kirandul Sandvik Asia Ltd 106.34 Completed Bailadila
47 Supply of DH Conv. System,Pkg-II for Bailadila Iron Ore Project, Dep.11B, Kirandul-Fabrication of Steel Structures Sandvik Asia Ltd 89.35 Completed Bailadila
48 Supply of Machinery House Cladding ,Gate and Door Frame for Grab Type Barge Unloader for Cirebon Power Project for Dooson Engineering, Korea Sandvik Asia Ltd 45.39 Completed North Korea
49 Supply of fabricated structure including Chutes, Hoppers etc (56 MT) for 200 TPH Crushing & Screening Unit at Barbil , Essel Mining & Industries Ltd, an Aditya Birla Group-With Material Sandvik Asia Ltd 30 Completed Barbil
50 Supply of structures for 350 TPH Crushing & Screening Plant for m/s Singh Transport-Monorail Structure Sandvik Asia Ltd 3.56 Completed Bailadila
51 Supply of Station and Conveyor Structure for Crushing Plant for M/S N.Ram project, Barbil Sandvik Asia Ltd 7.90 Completed Barbil
52 Supply of Canopy for  Transformer for Grab Type Barge Unloader for Cirebon Power Project for Dooson Engineering, Korea Sandvik Asia Ltd 5.40 Completed North Korea
53 Supply, Fabrication & Erection of Balcony Railing, Stair Railing at Bhubaneswar Space Group 30 Completed Bhubaneswar
54 Supply, Fabrication & Erection of MS Staircase, MS railing work for fire refuge area, AC grill, Balcony grill, Space frame, MS Structural work for front podium, MS structural work for LED signage & wise structure high price Tower (at UPOHAR, Garia) Upohar, Bengal Ambuja Housing Development ltd 200 Completed Garia
55 Supply, fabrication, erecion of MS Staircase, MS Railing, MS Canopy, Roof truss, bridge, misc structures at various units like "Reviera", "Ganga Awas", "Hermitage", "Gardenia" GGL resort, Bengal Ambuja Development Ltd 150 Completed Raicha
56 Supply of MS Louver in HIDCO Tower at Synthesis Business Park, Rajarhat Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd 126 Completed Kolkata
57 Design,supply and fabrication of Deck Slab shutters for Construction of Fly Over along MAR in front of sub-CBD in AA-I in New Town, Kolkata Eastcoast Constructions and Industries Ltd 81.12 Completed New Town
58 Supply of fabricated Girder for Construction of Ramp at Ghatshila ROB in KGP-TATA section under S.E.Railway Acme Engineers Co-Operative Society Ltd 61.56 Completed Ghatshila
59 Structural Fabrication & Eection of Boiler House Structures(16MX22M), Factory Shed (25MX 62M) including sheeting (Approx 160 MT Structures), Fabrication & Erection of GI, MS Pipes, GI Duct, Coal Bunker, Tanks, Eqpt Erection,Electrical Works  including supply of all Panels at Mahadev Fabrics factory at Dhulagarh, Howrah Mahadev Fabrics 50 Completed Dhulagar
60 Fabrication, erection ,painting including sheeting and dismantling services as per drg and scope and specification at Dankuni premises-310 MT Strl Work ARCVAC Forgecast Ltd 32.26 Completed Dankuni
61 Supply of 1200 dia and 1000 dia fabricated pipe with 100% radigraphy for Railway Crossing at Bokaro for Intake Well Site Electrosteel Cstings Ltd 28 Completed Bokaro
62 Supply and Erection of Prefabricated Truss for HIDCO Tower & Corporate Tower at Synthesis Business Park,Rajarhat,Kolkata(ATTRIUMS) Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd 27 Completed Kolkata
63 Dismantling of existing structure, fabrication & erection(101 MT) of ROBERTSON’S SHED,Tank No 2  at Rishra factory Himdustan National Glass & Industries Ltd 27 Completed Rishra
64 Supply, Fabrication & Erection of Structural work at Keventer Agro Industries Ltd site, Barasat-With Material (50 MT) Reliance Retail Ltd 27 Completed Barasat
65 Dismantling of existing Facade at TECHNOPOLIS ,supply & erection of Galvanised Structures with GI Perforated trays Forum Projectt Holdings Pvt Ltd 25 Under Progress Kolkata
66 Supply,fabrication & erection of structures for UPS  at 8th Floor and Chillers at 10th Floor Roof Top for TCS e Serve International,UNITECH Building,Rajarhat Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd 23.17 Completed Kolkata
67 Fabrication & erection of Structres for Container Terminal at Kharagpur-160 MT Strl WORK Transafe Services Ltd 20 Completed Kharagpur
68 Fabrication and Erection of Sheet Pile Supporting Structure at Taj Gateway Hotel, Kolkata Mfar Constructions Pvt Ltd 15 Completed Kolkata
69 Fabrication & Erection of  Composite Girder a Rangamati Rail Bridge for Eastern Rail (120 MT) Acme Engineers Co-Operative Society Ltd 10 Completed Midnapur
70 Supply of fabricated light pole structures for Jhillang Mines (20 MT) Essel Mining & Industries Ltd (An Aditya Birla Group Company) 9 Completed Barbil
71 Strctural Works alongwith Stair Railing Works at 99 Acres of Unitech Mfar Constructions Pvt Ltd 8 Completed Rajarhat
72 Structural/Mechanical or Extension of Dryer Unit at Hide Road Factory including Project Management Services for this work Aarem Chemical Ltd 5 Completed Taratola
73 Supply of Electrical Poles for Jhillang Mines Essel Mining & Industries Ltd (An Aditya Birla Group Company) 0.50 Completed Barbil