• EHV Cable Laying Projects

    220-KV- Double Circuit, 16.5 KM Cable Laying for APTRANSCO at Hydrabad.

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  • CIVIL Projects

    Extension of 12th & 13th Floor at T-5, for Wipro Ltd at Saltlake, Kolkata.

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  • Industrial Projects

    Civil & Structural work for New Dryer Unit for ARCL Organics Ltd at Rampur, Kolkata.

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  • Bridge & FOB Projects

    50 M Span FOB for Ashoka Buildcon Ltd & NH4I at NH-6, Kona.

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  • Structural Projects

    Louver & Atriums at “Finance Centre cum Mother’s Wax Museum” for Shrachi Group at Rajarhat, Kolkata

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Sl. No. Job Description Name of Clients Value Remarks Locations
1 Construction and Laying of 132 KV D/C 1 core 630 sqmm Copper UG XLPE Cable from composite tower to 132 KV GIS Sub-station at Domkal interconnection with Construction and Commissioning of 132 KV D/C Transmission line from Nazirpur 132 KV sub-station to Domkal 132 KV sub-station of M/S WBSETCL under package-Z KEC International Ltd 48.42 Under Progress Domkal
2 Supply and delivery of HDPE pipes, Earthing Box, SVL, Earth Strip,Earth Rod,Nylon Trefoil Clamp, Fabrication marker, Tags, RCC Protection cover tiles, PVC warning tape,route marker, jointing marker,clamps connector,conductor,pipes and other accessories as per statutory obligation & WBSETCL’s specification and approved drawings for Construction and Laying of 132 KV D/C 1 Core core 630 Sq mm Copper UG XLPE Cable from composite tower to 132 KV GIS Substation at Domkal inconnection with Construction and Commissioning of 132 KV D/C Transmission line from Nazirpur 132 KV substation to Domkal 132 KV substation of M/S WBSETCL under Pacjkage Z KEC International Ltd 36.2 Under Progress Domkal
3 Supply of earthing System for 132 KV Cable Laying at Lakhikantapur Cable Corporation Of India 5.31 Completed Lakshmikantapur
4 Route Survey for underground cable laying work for Line -5 (Pkg-Z) Erection, Testing & Commissioning for Equipment , structure and materials for installation of 132 KV XLPE Cable for 132 KV D/C transmission line from Durgapur substation to Panagarh substation and associated work KEC International Ltd 0.16 Completed Durgapur
5 Supply,Laying,Jointing,Making Terminations, Testing & Commissioning of 132 KV RC Puram – Pratap Steel- My Home Private Limited DC Feeder from Loc. No. 12 to Loc. No. 3 (UG Cable) 1.35 Km near ICRISAT to MMTS project Phase-II Cable Corporation Of India 302 Under Progress Hyderabad
6 Design,Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Supervision, Installation & Commissioning of Control & Relay Panel for Lakhikantapur Substation (132KV) Cable Corporation Of India 15.5 Under Progress Lakshmikantapur
7 Laying of Underground cable between Lakshmikantapur GSS to TSS Cable Corporation Of India 109.7 Under Progress Lakshmikantapur
8 Installation of 3 nos. of single core underground 220KV XLPE insulated 800 sqmm (Cu) cable along with two nos. 48 fiber monomode optical fiber communication cables along Cossipore Road and Canal East Road from Jt No 29 to Jt No 30 and Jt No 25 to Jt No 26 for proposed E.M. Substation -New Cossipore Substation Ckt-1 CESC Ltd 12.6 Completed Kolkata
9 Installation of 220 KV XLPE Cable for a portion of 540 M, double circuit of 220 KV Dalkhola (Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd)-Dalkhola (WBSETCL) Substation LS Cable & System Ltd 50 Completed Dalkhola
10 Laying of 132 KV X500 Sqmm cable including assistance providing in jointing, termination & testing and commissioning of 1.65 Km HT Cable and accessories at HINDALCO Hirakud Rolled Unit, Sambalpur, Orissa KEI Industries Ltd 26.82 Completed Sambalpur, Orissa
11 Laying of102 KM Cable Length, 16 Km Stretch with double circuit, 220 KV 1000 Sqmm XLPE U/G copper cable including road cutting, pulling and laying of cable including excavation in the following soils and backfilling, sand filling, dewatering, excluding cost of RCC protective tiles, cost of route markers, warning tapes etc across and along CC,BT & earth road, Nala crossing, bridge crossing, HDPE pipes, providing end caps after laying cable, labour charges and all incidental items of work for finished item of work. This includes loading, unloading and transportation of all materials including cable to work spot from SS Malkaram to SS Gunrock for the proposed APTRANSCO projects Indu Projects Ltd (APTRANSCO) 961 Completed Hyderabad
12 Laying of 16 KM , 33 KV X300 Sqmm XLPX Cable at along with metal road as well as Railway crossing at Barrackpur city area in between substations of KMDA in APDRP scheme of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd ABB Ltd 100 Completed Kolkata